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Software Solutions brand of Algorithm.Ventures focusses on delivering software solutions to clients primarily in Digital Marketing, Content Manangement & Aggregation, Ecommerce, AdTech, FinTech and Sales/Field Force Automation verticals.


Web Application Development
Mobile Apps
Low Latency Apps
Machine Learning
NOSQL technologies
Backend Integrations
API first philosohy

Recent Projects

Real estate crowdfunding and broker dealer integrations
Tablet based mobile application for field force automation
High frequency trading of Digital Advertising
Persona building for digital audiences

Prominent Clients

Audiencelogy, Our Ad tech Product

About AudienceLogy

AudienceLogy product powers ad networks and RTB exchanges that connect the supply and demand side of digital advertising landscape. Traffic is ingested from supply side providers and appropriate ads are selected for display in a programmatic model. Numerous real time algorithms and optimizations come into play. Website

High Volume Low Latency

Programmatic buying and selling involves processing thousands of Ad requests coming in from exchanges per second and responding with appropriate Ad within milleseconds. This low latency model of programmatic advertising is technologically very challenging and requires thousands of engineering hours to develop.


Audiencelogy product is marketed in both SAAS and licensed models. Besides using AWS as a cloud provider, Audiencelogy has also partnered with dedicated hosting providers. Besides licensing, Audiencelogy has created additional revenue streams by offering its clients ability to buy and sell traffic in its marketplace.

Prominent Clients

Ad Infinitum, Our Ad Exchange for Media Buying & Selling

About Ad Infinitum

Ad Infinitum is a digital media outfit that is engaged in the business of buying and selling media. The business involves negotiating contracts with publishers and supply exchanges on supply side and agencies, marketers and advertisers on the demand side. Website

Ad Formats

We support Web Display, Mobile Display, In App, Video(VAST/VPAID), Native advertising, and even third party tagging. Don’t worry, the ads are held to our strict guidelines to make sure all the content is properly vetted.

Marketplace Stats

Over 30 RTB connections processing thousands of requests per second; 80%+ unique users identified on RTB inventory through our proprietary algorithm, filtering, ip blocks and other pre-bid and post-bid fraud control mechanisms.

Prominent Clients

AudienceStreet, Our DMP

IT Talent, Our Talent Sourcing

Algorithm Ventures quickly pulled together a very talented team to build our mobile app. Most importantly, they were open to new ideas and brought a can do attitude all through the project … they continue to be a key dev partner for us."
Raj Patil (ex-President & Chief Sales Officer, Mphasis)

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